Thursday, 26 February 2009

Half Baked Idea?

There is a good reason why I haven't blogged (again) for a while. I have discovered knitting. Not the capelet that I had every intention of making, but cupcakes.

Much to Stephen's amusement I have been sat in front of the television, knitting needles in hand and with my knitting bag with assorted yarns next to me.

Admittedly the first few weren't that great but I have been practicing and have now got them down to a fine art. But the look on Stephen's face when the cupcake was sewn together and sprinkles and a cherry added, was incredulous.

But you know what, I think this is just a man thing. He just doesn't get it - neither do the boys. This is the disadvantage of living in a male only household.

But am I going to let this deter me - no. So to add to Stephen's general view that I have lost the plat, I made cupcake boxes to pop them into. After all the devil is in the detail. And if you are a practical kind of person they would also be ideal as pincushions.

So now all I need to do is to prove Stephen wrong. That people will like my cupcakes. And I do hope that they do. I have knitted up a batch and until they are sold, I have no reason to knit anymore. And heaven forbid I have to sit in front of the TV without knitting anything!

Tempted - they're here! Please, please give me a reason to start knitting again!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Birthday Gifts

Yesterday was my Mother's birthday and as we usually do, we all went over after school for supper and to give presents.

I don't know whether anyone else has parents like mine, but they are very difficult to buy for. They have everything they need, and if they needed anything they would go out and buy it for themselves. Which makes it not so good for buying gifts for them.

My Mother had admired my doorstop - which was made to stop the 1960s fully glazed doors from smashing into the wall everytime Arthur crashes through them. And I was lucky enough to buy a bundle off upholstery and curtain fabric a few weeks ago. A quick rifle through the bundle and I found the perfect fabric.

It is a very heavy weight chenille and I did wonder whether my sewing machine would be able to cope with four layers of it - but it did. Filled with several kilograms of sand - very heavy.

I was brave enough to go to the boot sale this weekend and whilst pickings were very slim, I did manage to find this pedestal (?) which I thought would be perfect for display. It is not finished yet, as I undercoated and then just about managed to scrape enough paint from the bottom of the Farrow & Ball tin to paint it. A little distressing is on the cards and then I think it will be finished.

The other present was made during my pottery and ceramics class - which I just love. It was made using a mould and terracotta clay. My mother loves her garden and I thought this would look charming propped up against a wall or peeping out from some flowers.

Thankfully she loved them all!

Monday, 9 February 2009


I have been missing in action for the past week and this has been due to the fact that Bertie was knocked over and killed in the same spot that Maudie (our other rescue cat) was killed last year.

I have decided that it's just not fair to adopt rescue cats when we have lost two. Whether or not we adopt a rescue cat that has always lived indoors is something for us to think about.

In the meantime we are all missing Bertie