Monday, 6 April 2009

Kitten Update

I've just come back from the vet - it's nothing serious.

The vet thinks that the infection is a result of a bite - from Dulcie. Possibly she went to pick up the kitten and didn't get the right spot. That sounds plausible as she accidentally bit me when eating some chicken from my hand. That became infected and was all swollen and full of pus.

The vet took him into the adjoining room and cleaned out the infected area. I was practically in tears as I could hear the little thing crying. He had an injection in his tummy and I have to take him back for the next 3 or 4 days for more injections until it's cleared.

So we were all stressed out - but hopefully he's on the road to recovery! Unlike my wallet!

Meet the Babies

Dulcie's kittens are three weeks old this week and the change is in them is incredible.
They've gone from being happy squashed in this little bed with Mum, to trying to get out whenever possible.

Much to Dulcie's dismay I removed them from the bed (which was in a HUGE box) and put them in the box itself. The kittens loved it. Arthur was rather bemused by it all.

I do relent and put the bed back in for the evening as I would hate to think that the kittens are cold! But the fun they have learning to walk and then trying to chase each other is such entertainment.

Although sometimes it is just a little too much .................

I am off to the vet this evening as the tabby has an infection on her tummy. I have bathed it for a few days and although the swelling has gone down, it hasn't gone completely and there is still a small amount of pus. (Hope you're not eating your supper when you're reading this)!

I am hoping that it is something simple and inexpensive. I found out after Dulcie had given birth to the kittens that she was infested with fleas - that she kindly passed on to Arthur too. They have both been de-flead and I don't think the kittens have caught them. But there's a possibility that it was a flea bite that got infected. So Dulcie and the four kittens have to be put into a pet carrier and taken to the vets.

Fingers crossed it's something that's easily cleared up.