Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Something to Show for It

Do I have something to show for my time away from the computer - well, Yes I do! Bet you thought I had been slacking! Well, admittedly, there was a little of that. But there has been some sewing as well.

These lovelies are the first things to have been finished. They are made entirely from felted wool that has been recycled.

Each corsage has a vintage button in the centre as an embellishment. This means that although I may have made a few of each colourway, each brooch in unique. The only new item on it, is the brooch back. I just love these and they are more heavy weight than normal corsages which means they are perfect for coats and jackets.

I have ventured into new fields and tried something different with my next items. I have loved the idea of making jewellery and have been wanting to have a go for some time. I am really pleased with the earrings and they will be making their way into Christmas stockings and gifts.

There are three designs - I thought I would keep it simple!

This is my first attempt at jewellery and I would appreciate some feedback as to whether I've got it right.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

And lastly, not a new item but I haven't made them for some time. Greetings cards : both birthday and Christmas.

Each card is made with a detachable badge - this can then be worn after the event. It would lok great pinned to a bag or coat.

Enough of my rambling - here's the last photo of the Christmas cards

Now that was a long post!

Friday, 7 November 2008

A Little of What You Fancy

I met up with two school friends today in Cowbridge. We primarily met up for coffee, but I was a little early and made a beeline for the charity shops. There wasn't a lot that caught my eye, but I did spy these Christmas baubles in the shop window.

They were the princely sum of £2 each - so I bought all three. I did think that they were new goods that the charity shops buy in, but they have a Lene Bjerre label on them and a price ticket of £8.99 each (!) which was marked out and £2 written on a separate label. Not a bad buy - just need some pretty ribbon ready to hang them up with. It also seems like Bertie has taken a shine to them!
I feel a bit of a hypocrite posting about my next purchase here. I have moaned about Cath Kidston before and the fact that there seem to be more items with her prints on them than without. What next CK toilet roll?

Anyway, I has seen these in the catalogue and thought they looked rather sweet. And they still looked rather sweet in real life. After about 10 minutes dithering, I caved in and bought myself a pincushion.

Looks rather good though doesn't it? And of course I NEED it for my works in progress!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

I just couldn't resist

Back again after a half term break. Thankfully the weather was good which meant that the boys were outside with their friends most of the time. There was a trip to Oakwood for Ethan and Halloween Trick or Treating for the boys. So a good time was had by all.

I did manage to squeeze in a trip or two to a charity shop and spotted the most delightful doll's crib. How could I leave it languishing there?

I couldn't so it came home with me. And later that night, it had received a new matttress and bedding.

I dug into my fabric stash and used an animal circus print. I have had this for some time and it was just waiting for the right project.

And running the risk of over eggging the pudding, I just had to add a felt blanket and ticking mattress.

I had such fun making over this project. My life is so rock and roll - NOT. I am now thinking of friends with girls who would rather a wicker crib rather than the usual plastic ones. So this little crib will be on the look out for a new owner.

Other than indulging in making dolly bedding, I have been doing some sewing with Christmas in mind. Not yet finished, but here's a sneak peek in the meantime.