Thursday, 6 November 2008

I just couldn't resist

Back again after a half term break. Thankfully the weather was good which meant that the boys were outside with their friends most of the time. There was a trip to Oakwood for Ethan and Halloween Trick or Treating for the boys. So a good time was had by all.

I did manage to squeeze in a trip or two to a charity shop and spotted the most delightful doll's crib. How could I leave it languishing there?

I couldn't so it came home with me. And later that night, it had received a new matttress and bedding.

I dug into my fabric stash and used an animal circus print. I have had this for some time and it was just waiting for the right project.

And running the risk of over eggging the pudding, I just had to add a felt blanket and ticking mattress.

I had such fun making over this project. My life is so rock and roll - NOT. I am now thinking of friends with girls who would rather a wicker crib rather than the usual plastic ones. So this little crib will be on the look out for a new owner.

Other than indulging in making dolly bedding, I have been doing some sewing with Christmas in mind. Not yet finished, but here's a sneak peek in the meantime.


the flour loft said...

so sweet... just the kind of thing i would have loved for my girls.. i hate plastic!... my cats would probably love it too.
Hope you are keeping well.
ginny x

Rosie said...

Oh that is so sweet! I couldn't have resisted it either. Just needs an occupant now...

beck said...

I am a real sucker for a dollies bed, basket or crib. It reminds me of my childhood when I spent alot of time tucking up teddies and dolls. How fun. I too am making some doll bedding at the moment. (yes, it's a glamorous life!) Thinking about sewing ric rac on the blanket, what do you think?

Mijk said...

Manda ad treefall design made a set for the Ikea doll bed for my daughter. It gets used a lot. If you like the dollbed making you could make a set for fairs. The beds are wooden so you could ad a little paint too..