Friday, 7 November 2008

A Little of What You Fancy

I met up with two school friends today in Cowbridge. We primarily met up for coffee, but I was a little early and made a beeline for the charity shops. There wasn't a lot that caught my eye, but I did spy these Christmas baubles in the shop window.

They were the princely sum of £2 each - so I bought all three. I did think that they were new goods that the charity shops buy in, but they have a Lene Bjerre label on them and a price ticket of £8.99 each (!) which was marked out and £2 written on a separate label. Not a bad buy - just need some pretty ribbon ready to hang them up with. It also seems like Bertie has taken a shine to them!
I feel a bit of a hypocrite posting about my next purchase here. I have moaned about Cath Kidston before and the fact that there seem to be more items with her prints on them than without. What next CK toilet roll?

Anyway, I has seen these in the catalogue and thought they looked rather sweet. And they still looked rather sweet in real life. After about 10 minutes dithering, I caved in and bought myself a pincushion.

Looks rather good though doesn't it? And of course I NEED it for my works in progress!


Wild Rose said...

It is a cute pincushion ~ I was looking at it in the December issue of Woman & Home along with the needlework basket when I received my copy yesterday...

Haven't heard from you in a while, so hope all is going well at your end.

Marie x

Suzie Sews said...

I have a love hate relashionship with CK, I usd to adore it and my home was full of it, then it seemed to be everywhere and the design feel to it had gone... I love the tescos bags, but for 50 pounds for a table cloth I then bought a bag for 3.50 in the same pattern... a little miffed, but hey that happens I guess.
Cute pin cushion