Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Filling Up

Remember the display cabinet that I posted about a few weeks ago? Well slowly but surely I have been finding small items to fill it with.

Nothing is valuable and nothing has cost more than £1 - which has been good new for my miniscule budget.

The fun part has been in finding the items for the cabinet - all thifted and all vintage items. Things that are too small to be put on a shelf on their own but look so much better when they are placed together.

The most recent has been a Pierrot clown that I found in a local charity shop for 50p. I initially thought that it may have been a lavender sachet but when I took about the grubby white silky "puffball" at the bottom there was only stuffing inside.

It was only a 15 minute job to use the original as a template and make a new puffball using a beautiful faded cotton pillowcase that I found a few weeks ago at the carboot sale.

She still looked rather bare after I had attached the fabric to the china head.

Out came a reel of vintage ribbon and a broken diamante earring - and doesn't she look the belle of the ball?

I thought I would show the display cabinet as it is now. A little fuller than before - but there is still come room left! Watch this space!