Monday, 7 June 2010

Green Fingers

Well, after promising the earth in terms of blogging, I let myself down.  I was distracted by the garden and the fact that it has been sorely neglected.  There was no excuse any more and that's where I have been spending all my free time.

The photos are deceptive.  The flower beds are meant to look bare as I have been forking and digging out crocosmia and some other yellow flower that have totally taken over the ground.

And what a nightmare job it has turned out to be.  Bags of the bulbs and roots have been taken away by the council recycling people.  I know that there will be a few bulbs etc left but I am hoping that they will be easy to get out next year and I have (hopefully) halted the invasion!

New plants have been planted instead.  Now all that is left to do is to sit on my new bench and wait for the new plants to flower.

Still on the green theme, I bought this lovely felt bag thinking it was an old one.  1940s or possibly 1960s.  Took it home and nopw can't decide. 

Do any of you ladies agree with me?  I know it's difficult to tell from a photo.  But what do we think>  New/Old?

Old or new, Dulcie certainly took a shine to it!