Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Left Behind

I was so busy the day before Love Vintage that I completely forgot to collect the embroidered pictures from the framers.

I picked up two embroidered pictures on my travels - very beautiful but completely filthy!  The linen was stained and brown, the glass was filthy and the backing of the pictures was practically non-existent.

I took a chance on them and bought the pair.  Several hours later the linens came up beautifully.  That left just the frames that needed work.

So off I went to the picture framers and tried not to cringe as I took out the manky frames.  The worst part about it was telling the lady that one frame needed new glass and PLEASE could I keep the mounts (as they were just the right side of shabby chic)!  Oh, and could they add new backs and hanging string please.

But the end results were worth it.  Shame they didn't make it to Love Vintage.  

But there will be other events.  So Cinders will get to go to the ball ..........................

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh they came up lovely!
I did the same thing with some cushion covers last month,they were brown but after a vanish soak they turned a lovely soft ivory.
Thank you for your comment on my mirror!
Love Kristina XxX