Tuesday, 20 April 2010

To keep or not to keep ..............

Having been relatively restrained in the book buying depatment lately, I decided to have a browse on line and see what took my fancy.  I already have a book by Kaari Meng and love it - so that was the one that went into my shopping cart.

And don't ask me how/what I did but I also ended up buying this book:

The Kaari Meng book that I really wanted has turned out to be the one that I think I shall be sending back.  Although the photography inside is lovely, the project are beautifully photographed and made with equisite fabrics but all very basic.  So it's not for me.

I am more impressed with the book that I accidentally bought.  There are some ideas in there that I haven't tried before - but I think I may end up sending them both back.  Shame as I was really looking forward to a new read.  Any recommendations gratefully received.

But these lovely patterns are definite keepers

Aren't the illustrations just divine.  And not as eye catching but certainly worth buying is this one

I suppose it balances out:  two books out, two patterns in.

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