Friday, 17 October 2008


Next week is the last youth club before Halloween and as the Village Hall organises a party, we are having Halloween Celebrations rather than a full blow party. But these things tend to escalate don't they? Which is why I found myself volunteering to make trick or treat party bags for the children with the fabric that belongs to youth club.

Not just any old fabric, but horrible polyester. It is truly awful and usually I wouldn't even contemplate sewing with it, but needs must and all that. The bags have been sewn together and I am now waiting for some black ribbon to arrive to act as ties.

Please excuse the photo as black fabric is very difficult to photograph.

Looking forward to Christmas, I was lucky enough to find a box of vintage Christmas decorations (there was a hint on the box!)

Inside the box is filled with vintage decorations.

And just to ram home the sheer loveliness of these decorations, here's a close up!


the flour loft said...

Hi Samantha.. lost you for a bit... will have to update my link to your new blogger blog. Hope all's well. I have the same problem photographing my 2 new black kittens, but they are the ultimate halloween accessories you know!
Love the vintage decs ... i found some about 10 years ago and love them although i fear they will not mix with lively cats so probably no tree this year... i shall just have to enjoy everyone elses on the sure to post some photos of yours!
with love
Ginny x

Ragged Roses said...

Oh I love vintage Christmas decorations, I always find them at car boots but someone always grabs them before me. The colours they come in are just lovely aren't they? those trick or treat bags look great, you must be that youth club's prize asset!!!

Wild Rose said...

Ugh! Polyester is horrible to sew ~ I admire your perseverance!

I saw some vintage baubles on eBay recently, but was a bit dubious about bidding because I didn't think that they would make it all the way to Canada in one piece.

Marie x

Pipany said...

Lovely colours Sam. We love Hallowe'en here and can't wait for the dressing up to begin (oh, now I've made us sound weird!!!) xx