Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Spare Parts Rip Off

I have a few sewing machines - until yesterday I had three. One Industrial machine and two Janome. One of my Janome machines was bought second hand and didn't come with a foot controller or a power lead. A new power lead was cheap enough to buy.

I have managed by swapping the foot controller to the machine that I was using at the time but a friend was coming to the house to do some sewing and I needed two machines. Off I trotted to the local repair shp, but there he didn't have the part. No problems, he would call Janome and find a price. Which he did. £54 plus carriage! For a foot controller!

How can companies justify that kind of price for something which is relatively simple. Faced with the choice of paying over £60 for one component, I opted to buy a second hand machine which cost just over half the price of the replacement part.

Meet machine number 4:

Admittedly not terribly pretty. But it does the job - straight stitch and zig zag stitch plus a few others.

And sitting on the machine is some vintage fabric that I just couldn't resist. Blossom barkcloth in a cheery yellow.

Not sure what it's destined for, but when has that ever stopped me bringing home more fabric?

And proof that I may have too much time on my hands

One titivated bulldog clip. It was just an excuse really to use my favourite word of the moment!


bigbucketgirl said...

Titivate all you want dear!
My mother uses that word all the time..the kids think she's awfully rude for a grandma!

Congrats on machine #4. I have is awaiting a new foot control from ebay...i think there's a few days of nail biting to find out if i've got it!

Ragged Roses said...

Oh I'm all for a bit of titivation!!! Love the yellow fabric.

Josie said...

Hi, Toyota, your machine no 4 , the same machine was and still is my no1 machine I have had for the last 22 years! and I bought a new foot pedal for it over the years.
ps) it will probably break down now