Thursday, 5 March 2009

A bun in the oven

Not me - but the newest addition to your family. You may remember poor Bertie was knocked over and killed. Well after that I decided there would be no more outdoor cats for us and started doing some research about cats on the Internet.

After reading about them, I fell in love with Siamese cats and set my heart on one. But for me there is the moral dilemma about buying a cat from a breeder. Which set me off to look for adult cats that needed re-homing. As you can imagine there aren't that many plus the fact that we have Arthur the dog narrows that down even more.

So when I spotted an advert for an adult Siamese that was looking for a new home due to a house move, I was interested. When I called to chat about her and her owner informed that she thought the cat was pregnant, maybe I should have decided against going to see her. But I did.

Which is how we have ended up giving a new home to Dulcie (nee Suki) and two year old Siamese who is due to give birth in a few weeks to kittens which will be half Siamese, half moggie. The decision was made prior to rehoming her that we would not be keeping the kittens, but will find them good homes.

So here she is, Dulcie girl. A little timid, but settling in and enjoying non-stop kisses and attention. Not to mention cooked chicken!


Wild Rose said...

It looks like your search was rewarded ~ and you have the excitement of kittens arriving to look forward to.

Marie x

Anonymous said...

Meezers are the best! Congrats on finding such a wonderful friend. I hope she passes on her coloring. Post lots of pictures.

Rosie said...

Well it looks like everyone is getting along famously. Ohh kittens, how lovely.
The young man on the playstation has a look I recognise on my son - don't interrupt me I have things to shoot... LOL

. said...

She looks very nice.


Tracy x said...

how lucky are you :)
they are a fantastic, very vocal, very loyal breed - i wish i was closer to home a couple of the kittens :)
t x

Kristin said...

What a beautiful sweetheart!! We just got a new kitten last December and I have "the fever." I am cat-addicted, and want to get another as soon as possible. I found a gray little sweetie in need of a home, and if her parents will hold her for me until I get back from vacation I'm hoping to take her home to be ours for always.

*swoon* - kitty love!

Kristin :)

GigerVamp said...

Ooh, kittens and a chatty cat! Our Nibbler is part Bengal and they're chatty cats too. Nibbler's certainly a chatterbox and sometimes it really does sound like he's saying hello!