Monday, 23 March 2009

Special Delivery

The kittens have arrived! They arrived either Tuesday night or during the early hours of Wednesday morning. There are four in all and I was really surprised at how big they are and they have so much fur. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but Dulcie is such a good mother.

There is an all black one, a black one with white socks and white gloves and whiskers that remind me of Dame Edna Everage's glasses, a pale grey tabby and a tabby. I knew before hand that the kittens would not be Siamese, which meant it was fun to see their colours when they arrived.

She has made her nest in the bottom of Keanan's wardrobe and they are all quite happy in there.

Their eyes are just beginning to open and from day one you could work out which one was the most adventurous/bossy! That honour goes to the black and white kitten.

Now we just need to look after them for the next 8 weeks or so and in the meantime start looking for homes for them all. Enjoying them whilst we can.


jessica daisy said...

Congratulations, how sweet, do you think you might keep one?

Anonymous said...

Oh wow - what a special moment for you all. Enjoy the next few weeks as they grow and change. Congrats to you all - but particularly to Dulcie, she does look to be taking it all in her stride

GigerVamp said...

Oh lovely! I'm seriously tempted to offer one of them a home here, but I don't think Rob would agree as we already have 2!

Tracy x said...

if you could just package the pale tabby up to me.....
enjoy the next eight weeks and try and persuade the rest of the household that one extra cat around would really be no trouble at all :)
have a sweet kitty weekend
t x

Country Cottage Chic said...

They are just adorable! If you can't find a home for them you could just have a blog giveaway! ;-)


PhotoJenique said...

They are too cute!! Hope you find good homes for all of them x