Saturday, 3 October 2009


You know how sometimes you come across items that just err on the right side of tasteful? Well I think the mirror that I bought at the boot sale last week, fits that criteria completely.

It is a 1950s/1960s - not entirely sure which era - metal work mirror. I spent a minute or two looking at it and debating whether I wanted it and tentatively asked the price.

When the response was £1 that clinched the deal. So into my bag it went and it finally was hung in the right position today.

Not sure how everyone else in the house feels but I love it. And the green leaves seem to go perfectly with the eau de nil polka dot Swedish blind in the bathroom. The next thing on my To Do list is to hang two Victorian painted mirrors that were also bought last week at the boot sale. I think I may give Stephen a day or two to get used to this mirror before I dare hang the others!


frillies for fillies said...

Oh me oh my I love! Car boots are my fave weekend pastime, last week I bought an apple shaped tea pot and vintage antler vanity case for combined price of £3! Love your blog! said...

£1 Is a bargain! I have never seen one that shape before! I like the sound of your polka dot blinds! Suzie. x

Kate said...

OMG I feel your should be perfecting your beehive in that little gem, it's gorgeous, if your husband is anything like mine he just shakes his head.
I think it would have been very rude to leave it at the boot sale. LOL.
Have a great week