Monday, 1 September 2008

Bear with me

OK - please bear with me until I get used to Blogger. As there are some great blogs I love to read that use Blogger, I thought I would too.

The last week of the school holidays has passed so quickly and now Keanan is back in school tomorrow. After spending an obscene amount of money on school shoes for both boys, Keanan's school uniform is laid out ready for tomorrow. Ethan isn't back in school until Thursday.

We managed to get on boot sale out of this weekend - and it was surpisingly good. Or not (according to Stephen. It just depends on your point of view!). I found a card and a half of vintage Welsh Lady keyrings - HAD to have those. I am sure they will be incoporated into something.

I also bought a plaster Virgin Mary statue. Poor Stephen was NOT impressed. His comment was along the lines of not even being able to go to the toilet in peace without being watched! Mary has been placed in the cloakroom windowsill, which means that you can see her as soon as you walk through the front door.

I did try and post a photograph, but subsequent photos kep appearing at the top of the blog post. Something for me to work on .............


paper-and-string said...

hi, you'll love's great :-)
all the pictures load at the top of the post then you just click and drag them into position...simple pimple :-)

lucykate crafts... said...

well done, i'm sure you won't regret changing. it will take a bit of getting used to compared to typepad, but at least, it's all free!

Solorn said...

I cheat with pictures in Blogger. I can NEVER get them where I want them so what I do is use something called Semagic, it was designed for livejournal, and do a copy paste from it. Really easy to use and the code it uses is compatible with Blogger. I've never worked out how to put pictures in the middle of text without it:)

Two Crofters said...

welcome fellow blogspotter!
i just add all my pictures and then cut and paste x
hope you are surviving the start of term
many hugs
t x

cupcake studio said...

I love your blog...thanks for letting us know where you are now. I'm also totally enjoying the stamps I ordered from your etsy shop. They're little pieces of art that really make you happy!

Kali said...

I'm following you over...would hate to miss out on all your loveliness!
xo Kali

Ragged Roses said...

Welcome Samantha to the land of blogger! My girls go back on Thursday and I will have time to send you a proper email, life should return to some kind of normality. I hope all is well with you all and glad Stephen didn't put his foot down about the statue she is beautiful. Take care

Catz said...

Glad I have found you Samantha, would hate to miss out on photos of Arthur!

Rosie said...

Hi Samantha, nice to see you on blogger.

Dawn said...

Don't worry -- I'd follow you to the moon for a chance to see your loveliness.

Hay said...

Hi Samantha
Welcome to blogger.
Think of a bunch of large headed red/pink peonies, now imagine them in you arms as as welcome to 'your new blog home' gift.

. said...

I was ALWAYS going to your old blog so, now, I will come here everyday.

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Welcome to Blogger, I think it's great too and even better it's recession friendly (free). I drag the photos down to where I want them, easy peasy.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Welcome to the neighbourhood.

From your Blogger dashboard you'll find links to Blogger help and the Blogger community pages where you can read other people's tips and tricks.

But really? Quite simple once you've got used to it!