Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Finished Project

Thanks for your tips on how to move photos to where I would like them. I would never have thought of copy and pasting/click and drag - that would have seemed far too simple for me!

Anyway, I thought I would show you all my (finally) finished dresser that I won on e-Bay eons ago.

Not a job to be taken lightly. Apart from the fact that the dresser is about 6 feet in length and apporximately the same in height, it needed two coats of undercoat and two of Farrow & Ball eggshell. Each coat took me about 2 hours to do as there are so many damn fiddly bits. A wee bit of pride has kicked in though as I am very pleased with the end result.

As the dresser is so big, there is plenty of room for the "treasures" that I am likely on find on my trawls. Plus the board games and pencils etc. are also stored away. And there was a distinct tone of superiority in my voice when I told Stephen that there is enough room left over to put in extra food etc at Christmas time and birthday. Of course we have always managed to squeeze it all in somewhere before, but I wasn't going to mention that. And I can guarantee that I am not going to be re-painting this again soon!


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

It's beauteous!

saraeden said...

Ooooh it looks lovely now its all finished !

Sara x

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Your dresser looks great, I love painting furniture and transforming it into something new. You'll be on the lookout for the next piece of furniture now!

dottycookie said...

Your dresser looks lovely. After just sanding and repainting a large bathroom cabinet I can sympathis with how much work was involved!

Lisa said...

It's Fabbbbbbulous!!

PhotoJenique said...

Loving the new blog! Having said that, I originally had a blogger one and it drove me mad because it was always crashing and not letting me upload pics etc, which is why i went to Typepad LOL. The dresser is gorgeous, and it's great catching up on all your sewing. I shall def be buying my Christmas presents from etsy this year, hint hint.

Petticoat Lane said...

Great dresser...What a sense of achievement you must have and relief that it's now finished!!! That was a HUGE project to take on I admire you. So worth it though, I'd love it in my home.
Jane. xx

the flour loft said...

I think I can equal your ebay find Sam - our school were skipping 3 1930's pine classroom cupboards at the end of last term so I asked if I could have them. They are gorgeous and at the moment in storage as we haven't rearranged the house to fit them in! One is going in the boys room for games, lego, paints etc, one is going in the kitchen for crockery and one in our cellar den room (probably to house my fabric stash for the time being until I get a studio space sorted out in the garden). As they have around 10 layers of gloss paint on them already, I will probably just add a fresh coat to the existing ones!
Al x

Cele said...

The dresser looks Great, a good job well done. Welcome to Blogger :)

claire Maraldo said...

happy blog move and I hope you will be very happy there!

Sometimes I feel like moving too, espiecally when I can't work out how to put pictures in my side bars.

LOVE Bertie, he is a handsome beast. I think you need to put a picture of him on your new blog to make it look homely.

The dresser is wonderful too.

Kristy said...

You'll have fun filling the dresser. It looks great too.I have a few bits of furnture to paint but like you say it's so time consuming.
Love those welsh girl keyrings!

Kristin said...

The dresser looks FABULOUS. I absolutely love it!! :)

I can't wait to start doing some revamping myself as we move into our new place and re-design our new home. :)

Reclaiming The Home

Wild Rose said...

Hi Samantha,

I love your dresser! I loved it even before you painted it, but now it looks fantastic.

Definitely worth all of the effort of painting it.

Marie x