Friday, 12 September 2008

Small but Perfectly Formed

Not talking about me here, but bunting. Although I do like the larger flags that are usually associated with bunting, I thought that smaller ones would be more suited to inside use. After all what little summer we have had, has been and gone.

So to try and prolong summer I have raided my quilting cotton stash and made up some bunting in smaller, more appropriate prints. And just in case you don't want to keep the bunting up all the time, a handy drawstring bag to store it in when it isn't being used. After all no one wants grubby bunting.

And because once I started I just couldn't stop, I have added an applique detail made using vintage fabric and a mother of pearl button.

As the bunting is slightly smaller than usual it's perfect to hang up inside the house - mine is hanging on my dresser permanently. The drawstring bag means it also makes a ready wrapped gift.

And just in case you may have missed the hint, it's on sale here!


Pipany said...

Good idea Sam. My bunting is still up on the little writing room in the grden, but I have barely seen it because of all the rain. Love the idea of it being smaller too; much better for indoors x

GigerVamp said...

I like the idea of the bag to store it in, but the bunting I bought from you last year I keep up. :)

Miss sew n sew said...

Thanks for your nice comment about my summerhouse. I think your idea for the bunting is really good I love bunting but only have it outside and indoors for special occassions I would have smaller bunting indoors though so i could enjoy it everyday!

Anonymous said...

This looks lovely - the outdoors stuff looks huge when you bring it indoors!