Thursday, 11 June 2009

In Season

The car boot sale season is now well underway and I thought I would take full advantage of the beautiful weather today and visit a local market/bootsale.

Unfortunately there wasn't much there for me, but I did buy a charming cupcake ceramic trinket box. When I got it home and looked underneath, there was a Marks and Spencer label stating that it had once held chocolates.

It's perfect for my dresser and sits nicely next to the Allsorts jar that I bought some months ago.

Dulcie was on the prowl when I was taking the photographs and managed to sneak in to the shot.

The kittens have all been rehomed: one to a friend, one to the friend of the lady that works in our local vet and the two tabbies have gone to their new home together - which was very comforting. She initially did look and call for them after they had left for their new homes (although I tried to make it as stress free as possible and rehomed them over the period of just over a week) but really has settled down well without them.

She has also discovered a love of Arthur and after a few nights of her roaming around the house and waking us all up with her howling, she is now shut in the kitchen at night with Arthur and that has solved the problem. Hope I haven't spoken too soon!

And now she is starting to come out of her shell and settle in. And in true Siamese style, she may be small and delicate but she has a voice like a foghorn! She just walks around the house making the most horrendous noise - but I find it very endearing. Stephen doesn't though; especially when he is trying to watch TV and it is getting drowned out by Dulcie. At this point even poor Arthur doesn't know quite what to do with her.


Claire said...

Glad the kittens have all found lovely new homes - I know what you mean about small things having very loud voices - my Boo (Betty for her real name) has a voice that can cut through anything around at the same time, and she has a habit of wandering around the house mewing away to herself. Bless them!

Bluebell said...

Its a siamese thing! One of our cats does it too and he drives us mad pacing through the house doing it!