Friday, 19 June 2009


As it was a lovely day, weather wise. yesterday, I popped to a local car boot sale/market. I wasn't expecting much, but came away with a bag full of jewellery bits and pieces.

Everything was piled into a vintage suitcase.

I left the suitcase as it wasn't anything special and it was the jewellery I was interested in. So a deal was struck (after all it would have been churlish not to haggle) and everything was tipped into my shopping bag.

After running over and trawling through the contents, I made the executive decision that I ought to buy the whole kit and caboodle.

The yesterday evening I started to sort through the jumble. There are individual diamante earrings, beads and buttons galore. And was I glad I bought everything. Included in the jumble are necklaces that have been broken but the beads have been kept. A quick search on Amazon yesterday led to a jewellery stringing book being purchased as I would love to be able to restring the necklaces (It's hideously expensive to have it done at the jewellers). Now I just need to untangle the jumble of necklaces and decide what can be restrung and what will be used in future projects.

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mo said...

That is the best find! I love the bunches of bits and bobs they lump together at sales. We got a fantastic pair of old plastic clip ons for my daughter at a sale last weekend for a dime. She loves them!