Tuesday, 9 June 2009

On Display

Well - what can I say? Where have I been? Not entirely sure of the answers. The time just seems to have flown by. Plus I lent the boys my digital camera and they lost the charger - which meant I couldn't take and upload photos.

But the charger has been found and I have finally taken some photos of my "new" display cabinet.
I had mentioned to a friend that I wanted a display cabinet (the stumbling block being Stephen's lack of enthusiasm) and about a week later she said that she had been driving home and spotted the cabinet at the side of the road with a "Free - take me if you want me" sign taped to it. How could she leave it there? It came to my house and sat out the garden for a few weeks, whilst I let Stephen come to terms with the fact that it was coming into the house. And there it sat.

Deciding to take the bull by the horns, I started painting and a few days later, the display cabinet was finished.I plumped for Farrow & Ball paint as it always looks beautiful when painted and was lucky enough to find the lilac wallpaper for a measly 50p in the Laura Ashley batch end bargain bin.

Admittedly the cabinet is still looking a little empty, but that just gives me an excuse to find some little objets d'arts to put in it. I've started with the two terriers which were a Mother's Day present from Keanan.
Stephen is less than impressed - to say the least. But I just love it. And the best part of it all for me is that it cost under £10 in total. And of course there's the ongoing fun of looking for items to put in it. I'm sure that one will be an on going saga!


Cara said...

What a pretty cabinet. Your friend made the right choice! Lovely to see you back - from one errant blogger to another :D

LissyLou said...

That cabinet is fantastic - i've seen one like it in a shop near us for nearly £300!!

Kristy said...

It looks lovely. I really like the terriers too!

Rubyred said...

How pretty, you have a lovely friend who found it for you!
Lovely to have you back too!
Rachel x