Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Pretty Pictures

I know this is the second post in quick (for me!) succession for the Love Vintage Fair, but it is time to start really advertising the event and to get some posters etc ready for the event.

My friend and co-organiser came over and promptly started to re-arrange and dismantle my dresser and display cabinet. We ended up with some fabulous shots but in the procedss there was some chaos.
Nothing too major - but all my carefully placed items were put here, there and everywhere and possible items gathered from all over.

We have decided to print out postcards to distribute as well as posters and general flyers. The thought process behind the postcards was to make them as appealing as possible so that people would want to keep them after the event as well as maybe having them on show on a noticeboard.

Here's the sweet girl who is on the front of our postcard

We also have a collection of vintage and made items that Maggie so artfully put together.

And although this was done yesterday and the postcards have been ordered and the poster is in the process of being sorted, I can't bring myself to dismantle the composition just in case!

So what do you think of the photos - any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Do you think we have the "feel" of the event right?


Annie said...

The pictures are great, they definitely give the right feel. I love the picture with the little dog on it in the background it's so sweet. Good luck with your event. I think the idea of postcards as well as flyers is brilliant, you are right people will want to keep the postcards to display. Just wish I lived nearer so I could come too !
Ann x

Purple Sparkle said...

LOVE those photos, they're gorgeous! Hope the fair goes really well for you all! :-) x

. said...

Lovely things.

Ticking stripes said...

The postcards will be lovely - I'm sorry I'm so far away. Hope the event goes well.

Ticking stripes said...

And your mirror below is fabulous!

Itch2stitch.com said...

Lovely, gorgeous treasures, hope it all goes well for you! suzie. x

Rubyred said...

It all looks gorgeous! Good Luck with your fair!
Rachel x

GigerVamp said...

Love the pictures.

Have you thought about putting up a post on the Cardiff Freecycle cafe group to advertise the fair?


Jools x

Bleeding Shoes and other art at Lavinia's said...

I love these pictures, i think spines of vintage books always look beautiful.
Good luck have a lovely day
Lauren x