Thursday, 15 January 2009

Due Care and Attention

The knitting has started - and finished - and started again. This is a whole new area to me, which means inevitably mistakes happen. As I was knitting the capelet I kept looking at the photograph in the book and wondering why mine wasn't looking the same.

After putting it to one side and looking through another pattern, it dawned on me what I had done wrong. It was the stitches. I had knitted garter stitch when is should have been stocking stitch! It has all been inravelled and I have cast on again. Thank goodness this is an "easy" knit. I think I may have given up by now otherwise.

Still, I am going to perservere, if only for the fact that the wool was so damned expensive. So watch this space as hopefully there will be a finished photograph posted soon.

Yesterday I met up for a coffee with a friend to celebate her birthday. She she is someone who sews and appreciates handmade, her birthday gift was one of my corsages : in a fairisle pattern.

She is also possibly my only friend who would appreciate magazines that were thrifted (and which I have read before parcelling them up for her)! After all, you can't leave Elle Decoration and Country Living behind in the charity shop can you?

And really going the whole hog with the handmade, a birthday card featuring a removeable badge with a vintage image of a cat (for when Jo gets her own cat one day). Thankfully she was thrilled with the gift.
No rest for the wicked though. It's back to the knitting for me!


saraeden said...

The knitting is looking good , i have just finished my first 2 crocheted squares after many attempts at trying to crochet i think i have got it .. i think !!!!

Sara x

. said...

I was missing you already. Good you came back.
I always like to see your creations.


Sew Recycled said...

What a lucky friend you have - so much nicer when you recieve handmade gifts!