Thursday, 15 January 2009

Shabby yet chic

During Christmas and New Year and with some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket, I spent an afternoon trawling Etsy. Not looking for anything specific, but I wanted a drawing/painting or a print.

Sometime later, I found what I was looking for and a minute or two later, she was mine.

How could I resist? Even befor the painting arrived, I started thinking about what frame would be the best. And luckily I already had the frame. It was bought from the car boot sale (where else?) in the summer. In a strange coincidence I bought this one and a smaller frame from our old health visitor. She said that she had found them in her attic. I bought them both, brought them home and gave them a lick of paint.

So as soon as the painting arrived, I knew that this would be the perfect frame for it. The very same day I was in the framers choosing a mount. I was in the shop for about half an hour, umming and aahing. Cream was too bland, as was white. The cobalt blue that the lady suggested was lovely, but a bit too bright. Finally I settled on grey - but did I want a white stripe cut around the mount. Decisions decisions. After deciding I left the shop, not too sure whether I made the right choice.

I collected the painting yesterday and thankfully the grey was the right colour. I tried to keep the arrival as low key as possible and just placed it casually (!) on the plinth in the place of the painting that used to be there before. Only difference this is about three times the size of the old one. I don't think Stephen was too impressed as he said it was too big. Too big - are these objets d'art ever TOO big?

Anyway, she's here to stay now. I think this calls for more knitting, so that I can sit on the sofa and gaze lovingly over at her.


. said...

It's a very nice frame and the pinting also.


Rosie said...

She is gorgeous, and nothing like that can ever be too big!

LissyLou said...

oh that is really lovely x

Gail :) said...

She's divine!