Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Tulips from Amsterdam

After all that I said about he lack of "knick knacks" in the house, I brought one home. Courtesy of the charity shop. She looked so appealing, how could I leave her on the shelf?

What really clinched it for me is her face - it was so pretty, that straightaway I could see the perfect spot on my dresser for her. Plus I just has enough money left in my purse for her and a rather natty striped cardigan. I was determined not to spend any more money than was in my purse - so no dash out to the cashpoint.

So here she is in the spot that I envisaged for her - between a vintage china jug and 1960s eggcup. And guess what, there's still some more room for more objets trouves!

One of the perks of living in a small village is that you get to chat to people. Popping into the shop last week, the owner gave me a slip of paper with the telephone number of the lady that used to work in the Post Office. She had been given some fabric from a friend's Mum's attic and wondered whether I could use it. How could I resist? I collected the bag of fabric yesterday - the label gives a glimpse of what's inside.

Inside there was a jumble of fabrics that had previously been made up into dresses. They have either been cut up or there are tears in them that make them unusable. Perfect for scrap and small projects. All they need is a good wash and then I can have fun re-using them.


LiLi M. said...

I hope I don't spoil your pleasure about the little statue but she is actually a he!

tam said...

Can You say SCORE! LoL! Have fun with all of that fabric~Smiles~Tam!