Monday, 19 January 2009

Faking it

I needed to buy some hollowfibre at the weekend and popped in to Dunelm which is where I usually buy it from. They had a sale on, so before I bought the stuffing, I had a look round the shop.

As a person who isn't into knick knacks. I came out with my basket full. They had beautiful silk flowers, which were realistic as well as reasonably priced. I bought several. Here's the first. A silk magonolia which is now in the bathroom in a corner where an orchid failed to thrive.

I spent ages debating whether to get the red or cream - but in the end the cream won. I must have had such a look of concentration on my face (not to mention being stood there for such a long time) that another customer came up to ask my advice about silk flowers and their arrangements. She said I looked as though I knew all about silk flowers!

I also succumned and bought this charming ceramic rose - the perfect size to sit next to the magnolia.

And yes, there is more. I bought two silk orchids. To combat the fact that the orchids always look very bare when the flowers have died. I usually pop them on a windowsil out of sight until they flower again - but not more.

No more looking dowm my nose at silk flowers for me. In fact I keep popping into the bathroom to have a look at the magolia. I am now a covert and they really do add some much needed colour to the house.


tam said...

I think the cream color was a good choice! All of your flower arrangements look beautiful! have a terrific Tuesday!~Smiles~Tam!

Rubyred said...

Hi Samantha,love the Magnolia,very realistic.Dunelm mill is brilliant,I bought some Rowan wool from there before Christmas at only£1 per ball.They're feather cushion inners are good value too!Unfortunately I haven't got a branch near me so I go to one in Birmingham when I visit family.
Rachel x

LissyLou said...

They are lovely, i haven't been to Dunelm mill for ages, as i don't have one near me, i'll have to take a trip out x

Kristin said...

I love silk flowers... they can't die ;) With two children, two dogs, and a cat underfoot, its hard to keep anything but them alive it seems. Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers :)


Ravenhill said...

breathtaking! I love the pretty things you find.

Wild Rose said...

They are gorgeous Samantha. Just what you need to brighten up the dull days of winter.

Marie x